Who Told You Your Black Is Not Beautiful?

                     I AM THE COLOUR
​                        OF BEAUTIFUL
                  GLOBAL INITIATIVE
​                         & MOVEMENT


How we began and where we are going.
Karen Moore, Founder of I AM The Colour of Beautiful Global is a spoken word artist and a spoken word musical theater writer and producer. Her signature production Poetik Blues: A Sister's Story premiered in 2012, and is a journey through the blues African American women face throughout our lives. She began to notice how her personal story of “Brown Skin Blues” was resonating with her audience. The hurt and trauma of colorism was still running rampant. Karen was compelled to act on this discovery.

In May of 2019 I AM THE COLOUR OF BEAUTIFUL® Global initiative and movement was established. It is a global action focusing on deliverance from the stigma of colorism in communities of color across the globe. Karen, through this initiative, is on a mission to liberate darker skinned women from the colorism psyche by providing educational, inspirational and transformational content to her audiences in the mediums of streaming television, stage plays, music and film. The  objective is to bring healing to the hurt and pain of rejection, separation and exclusion.